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Whatever the challenge or change you are facing, as a company, the thing you need to succeed is present. Because your people possess the required skills and competences. It could be that these skills need fine tuning and training or that people with different skills need to start to work together.

So, in these times of challenges and change, it is important to know who is working for you and what will make them work more competent and engaged. And how you need to approach an individual to make sure he or she is engaged (with the learning process and the change). Plus, it is important to know what will secure the new way of doing things.

That’s when we excel, in times of change and development. We are change-managers, with expertise on change and learning&development processes. We will guide you and your people through times of change, in such a way that
– people will learn how they work, learn and communicate.
– you will know who possesses which skill / competence.
– you get a learning process specific for each individual.

These kinds of insights are crucial for you as a guest of Building Holland. The construction sector is one in which the attention for (soft) skills is growing. Investing in your people at this moment, when there is so much talk about climate change, green ways to build and preserve and upcoming technologies, will put you ahead in the game. And prepare you for everything that is coming. Because your people are engaged, skilled and capable of adjusting. And when your people can do that, your company can do that.

At Building Holland, take a seat in our special Stendig-couch, designed to have a honest talk about the changes you face, about communication and about the opportunities you see.

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