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A comfortable and healthy workplace, learning environment or living environment? You achieve this with innovative building automation from BRControls.

BRControls advises, develops, produces and supplies innovative, building-related and functional hardware and software products for web-based building management systems in new and existing buildings. We do this completely independently, from our offices in Zwolle, Utrecht and Drachten. Our systems are distinguished by their open and transparent character and very user-friendly, intuitive operation.

Universal hardware
We want to offer the best solutions in our field. That is why our hardware and software engineers are continuously working on improving our products and optimizing the ease of use. We keep the hardware as universal as possible, so that it is suitable for a large number of applications. Thanks to the short line between product development and project organization, customer wishes are directly translated into product improvements and customized solutions.

Platform and manufacturer independent
We apply fast, ultramodern ICT techniques and ensure that our systems can communicate with almost all existing installations in a building. Before commissioning, the products are extensively tested and exposed to extreme conditions, guaranteeing optimum quality and a long service life.

Health, safety and optimum comfort. But energy efficiency, sustainability and circularity are also recurring themes in making buildings future-proof. Together with you we look at what is possible and feasible. We translate your ambitions into BREEAM, LEED and WELL certified solutions. We can rely on extensive experience in more than 6,000 completed projects.

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