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With more than 70 years of enterprise, BUVA is indispensable in the daily lives of occupants in the field of sustainably produced heat, healthy indoor air and safely closed windows and doors.

BUVA was founded in 1946, just after the Second World War, by Messrs Bubberman and Vaarties under the name N.V. IJzerwaren- en Gereedschapshandel (Hardware and Tool Shop) BUVA in a warehouse in the Rodenrijsestraat in Rotterdam.
The name BUVA is derived from the first two letters of the surnames of the founders, Bubberman and Vaarties.

The following years saw BUVA quickly develop into a professional organisation with an MT. As a real developer, the first BUVA products came onto the market during this period. From toughened glass to architectural ironmongery and from ventilation products to heating solutions.

In 2017 BUVA made the first steps international.

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