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Dutch Climate Systems brings a new innovation to the market: the ICECUBE.
The ICECUBE is an energy saving, eco-friendly and circular airconditioner which cools by the evaporation of water. It functions as an independent cooling and ventilation unit, or as an upgrade to an existing climate system.

The combination with air drying makes sure that you will have energy efficient cooling and ventilation for a whole year without the use of F-gases!
Dutch Climate Systems has a sustainable solution for every situation and every type of building.
The ICECUBE is made from recycled plastic and at the end of the life cycle it will be used for a new ICECUBE.

Worldwide more than 10% of all electrical energy is used for airconditioning and the amount of airconditioners is growing from 1.6 billion to 5.6 billion in 2050 (according to the International Energy Agency, The Future of Cooling). The harmful F-gases used in conventional airconditioners are one of the most important causes of the greenhouse effect. Dutch Climate Systems is committed to reverse this effect and supply energy saving, eco-friendly and circular airconditioners that provide a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

Join in: Cooling the Planet.

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