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“In our world, every real estate owner or manager is constantly looking for grip. Real estate maintenance is a chapter in which many information flows come together, so the need to get in control is very great. In addition, we have to deal with the ever-changing laws and regulations. These variables have caused a lot of unrest among the owners and managers in various sectors we speak to. Everyone gets a ten for effort, but we find that no one is ‘really’ in control. Avoid ending up in a tool culture in which you need various systems to reveal a half-truth. Let alone that it is very time consuming to get all those tools up to date again, simply nobody does that. Everyone has information, but is it easily and quickly accessible? Is it up to date? Does it help you make decisions? Does it inform your partners and suppliers? And does it fully safeguard your legal framework?

We note that there is no uniformity when it comes to the applicable laws and regulations. Can you imagine having a car inspected where each garage sets different standards? One accepts winter tires, the other does not. That is why an APK booklet is unambiguous and standardized. Every car garage uses the same process when it comes to performing an MOT and filling your MOT booklet. We accept this standard as the truth, because it works.

HUMBLE creates the truth when it comes to laws and regulations within our market. Over the past ten years, we have helped many different parties to digitize their real estate data. Yet we were not satisfied and I wonder if we ever will be. We will always continue to innovate, and we believe that we should. Every day we get a little better and because of that our customers do too. In the past year we optimized the quality of our platform and with a group of skilled, creative entrepreneurs we entered into battle with our own platform. How can it be even smarter? How can it get any better? How can the world be made even more beautiful?

HUMBLE is a fully API-based platform, which means that the platform can be fully linked. Remember all those tools I was talking about? If all this information comes together in one central place and can be controlled from that central point: well, that’s HUMBLE. All your buildings, elements, defects, activities are visible to anyone you want to give access to. Because HUMBLE does not have a license structure when it comes to the number of users, no, we think you should work together. An unlimited number of users with various rights who work parallel to a building, that is the new standard. We beat time, costs and, above all, lack of direction through this form of working. Anyone can work in HUMBLE; not only because of the user-friendliness of the front-end, but also because the system tells you whether you are compliant or not. Drafting, executing and checking the MJOP has never been easier. And through the unambiguous process we normalize a stable working method. One that is not prone to error or that takes a lot of effort to decipher because your colleague is used to doing it differently.

HUMBLE is the new standard.
And we? We continue to impress!

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