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NatureConnect by Signify is an innovative lighting solution that brings the benefits of daylight indoors for inspiring environments, where people feel comfortable and can perform well.
Daylight is so natural that we often don’t even realize how important it is to us. Exposure to the right amounts of light during the day, as well as the colors and dynamics of nature, have a strong influence on our mood, energy level, comfort, sleep quality and our health and well-being in general.
NatureConnect lighting is based on the principles of Biophilic Design and the inseparable bond between man and nature. These principles are used to create relevant and natural lighting scenes for a wide variety of spaces and activities.
The system automatically regulates the daily rhythm, color and intensity, depending on the time of day. In addition, the user can also manually choose specific scenes, such as an extra energetic light impulse or a more relaxed warm atmosphere.
The sky’s not the limit! Come to stand 8.123 and experience it for yourself.

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