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Energy saving solutions based on improvement of the internal Power Quality of the electricity infrastructure at large electricity consumers
Installing reliable energy saving systems with a proven track record
Organizing all necessary activities to achieve the maximum saving.
The energy to be saved is demonstrable and guaranteed.
When the saving percentage mentioned in the saving proposal can’t be proved, OptiVolt will match the price difference during the payback period.
Short payback period
OptiVolt has the intention to offer payback periods between 2 and 3,5 years on their solutions. However, already implemented saving technics and a low voltage can have impact on the payback period.
– High ROI during the full product lifetime
– Very long durability (>50 years)
– Increased safety aspects by reduced currents
– High financial advantages over many years

Being a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) company with a high contribution to the environment and durability by significant reduction of CO2 emissions and consumption of energy.

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