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Affordable and comfortable gasless living with PCM

Orange Climate develops, produces and imports (parts of) climate control for buildings and companies. Based on the pillars of sustainable, innovative and commitment, we deliver 100% Dutch solutions, whereby energy saving, comfort enhancement and sustainability are achieved.

Orange Climate consists of OC Autarkis (PCM solutions), OC Verhulst (Air handling units) and OC Waterloo (Air distribution equipment).

During Building Holland 2020 we present our newest PCM concepts: the thermal battery that makes buildings and homes more sustainable. Saving energy and increasing comfort are central to the use of our Phase Change Material. In particular, we make the energy transition of homes simple and affordable, thanks to the PCM radiators.

In homes we place our PCM in the floors (on the underfloor heating) combined with a small heat pump boiler into an affordable and comfortable gas-free home (for both transformation, renovation and new construction).

Is floor heating not an option? Then we adjust the existing radiators and place a PCM buffer on them. We are happy to explain this new concept at the fair.

In offices, PCM is processed in attractive climate ceilings, so that excess heat is dissipated (without adding extra technology). Free cooling, an increased cooling capacity and an aesthetic solution.

Discover the PCM solutions at the Orange Climate stand.

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Product Developer R&D Orange Climate

The Research & Development (R&D) department of Orange Climate (in Drunen) is a young, enthusiastic team and the technical conscience of the company. We improve production, devise and develop new products and work together with other companies on customized solutions. We do this for various business units: OC Verhulst’s air handling units and factory, OC Waterloo grilles and factory, OC Autarkis’s PCM applications, OC Wonen solutions and OC Agri vertical-farming solutions.

At Orange Climate, R&D is not a closed department, but an engine for innovation. Developments are coordinated with the management, the different business units and departments on the basis of a technology and product roadmap.

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Medewerker Debiteuren (24-32 uur) Orange Climate Verhulst

OC Verhulst in Drunen zoekt een financieel expert. Ben jij onze held in betalingstermijnen, kredietlimieten en financiële administratie?

Functie inhoud:
Jij laat je niks wijsmaken als het over debiteuren gaat. Je hebt ervaring opgedaan als medewerker debiteurenadministratie en bent toe aan een volgende stap. Een stap waarbij je meer regie gaat nemen om de debiteurenadministratie van a t/m z te beheren en regelen.

Het motiveert je om bij te zijn met het opvolgen van debiteuren en per dag vooruitgang te zien in vervallen posten en disputen.

Wat ga je doen?
– Verwerken van de facturatie.
– Debiteurenbewaking en opvolging.
– Aanleggen risicoprofielen.
– Overige werkzaamheden bij afwezigheid crediteurenadministratie.

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