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Digital solutions for collecting data on construction and public works.

Our platform enables you to organise the exchange of data between operational employees on site, HR managers responsible for payroll, business managers and equipment managers. You avoid paper forms and multiple entries. We offer you the possibility to digitise your processes using smartphones, tablets and the Internet of Things (Internet for objects). Your sites are connected and paperless.

You collect and share the operational data of your sites in real time via our SAAS platform. This data is automatically analysed to extract useful information. Your employees can then make the right decisions because they are well informed. You improve the overall efficiency of your company.

Nowadays, connected objects, tablets and smartphones are interwoven with our daily lives. Why not use them on your sites? Traxxeo offers you a secure SAAS platform to collect and share your data.

Our solutions are built for and with our customers. You benefit from 10 years of experience in construction sites and public infrastructure works! Traxxeo supports the largest players in the sector in their digital transformation.

We have the technological expertise and at the same time an in-depth understanding of the fields of construction. Benefit from a dedicated team that guides you step by step.

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