Product Developer R&D Orange Climate


You are a real techie, with a background in mechanical engineering or in possession of training courses in climate control and construction. You are able to improve existing products and develop new products and solutions. You do this according to the Gate approach that we have developed so that your choices are transparent and logical.

The work varies from conceptual to practical, precisely because we are good at “file to factory” and rapid prototyping. At the conceptual level, you will be involved in joint developments with existing parties, such as a contractor for residential construction or an installer for climate solutions. Or you help to improve the world by integrating PCM in climate solutions. It may also be that you are more practical, and would like to work on the detail phase of a product design or a faster bending machine. All these expertise come together in the R&D team.

The salary is more than in line with the market and is determined on the basis of education and relevant work experience. This position falls under the Metalektro CLA.

Are you interested?
Send your resume and motivation by e-mail to For questions you can contact Bert van Dorp on 0416-672 200






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