Hunter Douglas unveils sustainable climate ceiling system


The global architectural products company has collaborated with Netherlands-based OC Autarkis, part of the Orange Climate group, to create Phase Change Material (PCM) climate ceilings, which harnesses heat when needed and cools down buildings during hotter months – without the need for pipes and water.

Phase Change Materials absorb or release large amounts of latent heat when they change physical state, such as solid to liquid or vice versa. To harness those properties, the expert teams at the two companies developed the “C3 PCM climate ceiling”.

This innovative and unique ceiling system is equipped with PCM cassettes, which are filled with environmentally friendly salts that are programmed to maintain a set temperature. These salts heat up or cool down, depending on the ambient temperature.

The environmentally friendly C3 PCM climate ceiling combines functionality and superior design. Not only does the system incorporate visual, acoustic and thermal comfort in one sustainable system, it ensures a more consistent room temperature year round.

Using PCMs also means lower energy consumption – therefore lower energy costs – while less power is needed for heating and cooling. Not only that, but the ceiling system is maintenance free, which reduces overall life cycle costs.





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