Polystyrene loop: Used EPS is processed into new EPS


When we speak of insulation and the environment, the first things that come to mind are the ozonlayer, the greenhouse effect and the pollution of the air and water.
Sometimes we ignore the question whether the intended insulation material is safe enough.

Since 2018, all Termokomfort® insulation systems have been 100% circular.
This actually means that all Termoparel systems® are taken back by us and recycled, under our own management.
Nowadays almost all manufacturers claim that their products are environmentally friendly because they would be highly recyclable.
That’s of course true, but does it actually happen?

For this reason Termokomfort has established in association with a large number of polystyrene manufacturers a new coöperation: PolyStyreneLoop.
A demo plant is being built in Terneuzen (Netherlands). In this plant we will be able to process EPS that has been sold by us into new EPS. At the same time the old flame resistant material is safely removed and replaced due to new legislation.

Environmental succes

According to the report DHV AIB bv no. K0748.01.001 the Termoparelsystems® score very favorably with regard to the environment.
HR++Termoparels® are not harmful for your health: no dangerous particles are released during and after insulation, they’re hygienic, anti-allergenic and HR-Termoparels® are non-toxic.

HR++Termoparels® are moisture resistant to prevent the formation of mould, and freeze-up of the insulation layer.





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