Rainwater harvesteing


Using rainwater is actually very easy. With a rainwater tank and a pump system you can flush the toilets with rainwater, run the washing with it and water the plants.

The benefits of rainwater use are great. In addition to contributing to the climate, rainwater use provides a financial benefit, more user-friendliness, it is better for plants and animals and it increases the value of buildings.
The use of rainwater fits seamlessly with sustainable construction. It also contributes to certifications such as BREEAM, GPR and LEED.

But much more is possible. Rainwater can be purified microbiologically and then it is also suitable for the bathroom and even for the kitchen. This makes it possible to build completely water neutral or even off grid. As a first for the Dutch market, Mijn Waterfabriek is introducing the Drop2Drink unit at the Building Holland. This makes potable water from rainwater produced in one step.


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