Smart lighting for easier communication


Thanks to the integration of smart lighting, hospitals and residential care homes can now communicate even more efficiently with the various care actors. This concept of connected lighting is made possible by Zumtobel and Telecom Telecom Telecom. This concept of connected lighting is made possible by Zumtobel and the Telecom-IT Group. The two companies have signed an agreement in principle to further develop LynX® lifeline, a unique and advanced lighting management system, together.

Communicating in the language of light
Until recently, care organisations chose their lighting based on 2 parameters: is there enough light at any time of day, and does the luminaire fit aesthetically into the building concept. With the integration of LynX® lifeline in our luminaires, we are also giving the lighting an important functional added value in the care experience. And this is true for both the carer and the provider of care, as well as for visitors to the hospital or residential care home.
Providing good care is quite intensive, with people usually running from one job to another. The smarter use of the existing lighting infrastructure, combined with new technologies such as LynX® lifeline, clearly has a positive impact on the care process.

Important development
Care organisations are constantly looking to provide a better care experience with fewer resources, in a society that is also changing rapidly. The choice to link lighting to the existing communication infrastructure is therefore an important development.
Thanks to smart lighting, nurses can, for example, see at a glance where they need to go for an intervention. Patients or residents, in turn, intuitively know that their call has been well received and that help is on the way. But the lighting can also be used to locate people and goods. There are an infinite number of scenarios that can be configured…




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