What does C-label mean for offices?
As of January 1st, 2023, every office larger than 100m2 must have energy label C at minimum. This means an Energy Index of 1.3 or better. If the building does not meet the requirements, you are no longer allowed to use it as an office from January 1st, 2023. This obligation is stated in the Building Decree.

The IP2020 supports companies in saving energy by, for example, providing insight into various saving opportunities.
The IP2020 will also experiment with approaches to relieve companies of the realization of these savings opportunities in practical, and where necessary financial, aspects.
In addition, involves social parties and competent authorities to remove potential obstacles.

Do you also want to move to C-label in a smart way?
OPPLE can help you to take the first step towards achieving the C-label.
There are various options which can quickly save at least 60% energy:
• We can do an one-on-one replacement of conventional lighting with LED lighting. There is the choice between standard LED luminaires or a dimmable solution through Dali, 1-10V or BLE.
• If you want to save on installation costs and also benefit from ease of use, the Smart LED solutions are the most suitable for you. The luminaires are mounted directly from the packaging and connected to the mains. No additional cables or gateways are required. All luminaires can be operated with the OPPLE Smart Lighting app. Extra energy can be saved with the OPPLE Smart sensors.

In case you face difficulties, the OPPLE account managers are happy to give you suitable advice, including a light plan and a saving calculation.

Order an OPPLE Smart Starter Kit
A Smart Starter Kit contains 4 Smart LED Panels 60x60cm, a Smart Sensor and the Smart Switch.
With the Smart Starter Kit you equip a standard office quick and easy with an OPPLE Smart LED solution. Order via Oosterberg, Schuurman, Solar and Technische Unie.






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