18 Series – Movement and presence detectors – Light whenever you need it!


Be it in offices, apartment buildings or homes, either inside or outside, light is synonymous with safety. With FINDER’s movement and presence detectors you can have all the light you need, only when you need it. As soon as FINDER detectors sense movement in their area of coverage, they will switch on the lights in the office, corridor, stairwell, garage or garden, to ensure your comfort and safety. With a range comprising 14 different models, FINDER can always provide the right one for you. Whether surface or recessed mounting on walls or ceilings, for internal or external applications, we have the detector to meet all your requirements.

Internal presence detectors
Presence sensors, also known as PIR (PIR – Passive InfraRed) movement detectors, are designed to switch on the light automatically every time the sensor detects even the slightest movement. In a crowded room, where lots of people are coming in and out, the motion sensor will continue to detect movement and the light will remain on. It will go off when the last person present moves outside of the sensor’s area of survey, and when the time scheduled for the light to remain on has elapsed.

External movement detectors
External movement detectors are designed to be suitable for installation in areas that are exposed to conditions such as dampness, like a garage or basement, or in external areas such as car parks or gardens.

Internal movement detectors
Internal presence detectors are particularly suited for use in bathrooms, corridors, staircases and, more generally,





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