Aesthetic Energy Panel


Aesthetic Energy Panel(AEP) is a photovoltaic-integrated building façade material. AEP replaces traditional cladding and further turns the building envelops into generators of clean energy, functioning as colored laminated safety glass. This solution makes possible Zero-Energy Buildings or Positive-Energy Buildings, without any compromise on architectural safety and aesthetics.

Salient features of AEP include the following:
1. Aesthetic outlook
– Digital printing technology enables architects to realize any design color/pattern with minimal loss in power output
– Silky finish to mimic the texture of conventional building materials and reduce reflected glare
2. Design flexibility
– AEP’s dimension can conform with conventional measurement unit in the construction industry- multiple of 30cm, owing to its patent-secured circuit design
– Size and shape can also be tailor-made to fully cover the building facade and achieve a uniform envelope
3. Superior quality
– Stability and durability are strengthened by utilizing a vacuum thermal edge-sealing technology to prevent the solar cells from humidity
– Color vividness can last for 50+ years thanks to the durable ceramic inks






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