BIM Workspace


With BIM Workspace, CSN Group offers organizations in the construction chain a dedicated IT platform for all BIM data and design applications. The location-independent and device-independent central platform gives every employee or partner access to the latest project information and BIM applications at any time. With high availability, BIM Workspace provides a reliable workstation for all your projects. BIM Workspace reduces failure costs because the IT platform optimally supports communication between colleagues and supply chain partners.

BIM Workspace in short:

– Easily scale up and down workstations on demand for each project phase [Pay-Per-Use].
– Every employee a workstation with the right capacity [from standard office workstations to powerful workstations for design applications].
– All data and applications on one central and secure platform [one version of the truth]
– Data and applications at the right time and safely accessible for collaboration with chain partners
– Anywhere and with any device access to the data intended for the user






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