BIM4Productions: Let’s automate your production with BIM.


Our dream is to change the construction industry.

“What is our company’s core reason for being, and where can we have a unique, positive impact?” Now more than ever, we need right answers to these questions. And luckily we have them. Just scroll down, we’ll tell you all about it.

We believe the construction industry requires true social innovation. It’s not a choice – it’s a must.

Robots and production machines enrich a company’s ability to succeed while improving the lives of real, human employees who are still needed to keep operations running smoothly. With BIM4Production we want to make sure the construction industry is ready for this robotization. But we can’t do it alone. Only by co-creating with organisations with a shared vision we can truly change the industry. Join us!

Start Co-Create
At BIM4Production we’re mixing your brilliant ideas with our world-class technology. Let’s create something great together.

1 Dream
We’ll go on a journey together to change the construction industry.

2 Think
Co-creation boils down to one thing: we need your thoughts and ideas.

3 Do!
BIM4Production is where innovations are born, incubated and scaled. Join us.



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