The BLISS series offers smart technology in a stunning design and two available versions. The BLISS WiFi is fast and easy to program and you can also check and change the settings via your smartphone whenever you want and wherever you are. This allows you to program the temperature and weekly programs and manage multiple thermostats within the same building. It is also possible to manage different locations such as home and holiday home and share thermostats with other users. You can also manage consumption history over a certain period of time. The AUTOWAY geolocation function makes it possible to lower the temperature when no one is present in the home and is activated when the last registered user has left the property. This AUTOWAY function ensures significant energy savings. However, if you are looking for a simple room thermostat but with a beautiful design, choose the BLISS T. This version allows you to quickly and easily control the temperature at home with the touch keys without all the other possibilities that the BLISS WiFi offers.



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