Comair Delta 52Y



With the Comair Delta 52YF and Comair Delta 52YB, Ventilair will soon be launching two new mechanical exhaust fans.
With these central ventilation units it is easy to ventilate a home efficiently.

Both versions are equipped with an integrated moisture sensor that adjusts the intensity of the ventilation when moisture increases in the bathroom or laundry room. The units are equipped with a display and can be controlled both wirelessly and wired by a 4-position switch, external temperature/humidity sensor or a CO²/temperature/humidity sensor. There is also the possibility to connect the unit via the standard, digital and analog in/outputs and via an RS485 connection. The units can also be controlled via a bluetooth connection with the Comair App.

The difference between the units is in the connections. There is a version with 3 connections to the house of ø125mm (Delta 52YB) but interesting with the Delta 52YF is that you can directly “CLICK” the FLX hoses ø90mm. For this there are 3 KLIK connections ø90mm on the 3 sides and we can realize a total solution even more easily due to the connection between our systems.






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