The New Builders Community is meant for
Helmsmen who have a direct or indirect relationship
with the construction sector. Together we want that agile and
decent building sector. By Changers out
bringing the entire width of the construction sector together,
we arrive at the best insights. From architect to
contractor and from supplier to client, at The
We find New Builders together.

We organize an annual Congress and Festival around
current topics. Met during these meetings
you the other New Builders, you get in conversation about the
changes in the construction sector and you will be challenged
by guest speakers from various sectors.
Outside of these Congresses and Festivals you have continuous
access to Viadesk, the intranet of The New Builders.
This way you are always connected to all New Builders and
keep you informed of what’s going on. Viadesk helps you
to find each other, but also offers room to ask questions
and present cases to each other. It is the online
place where you share inspiring practical examples with each other
can share.



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