DCU – decentralized climate unit


Traditional central heating and air refreshment are characterized by a heat source i.e. motor that, in most cases, delivers over capacity. Energy wastage. On top of that, a lot of energy is wasted in the pipes. The decentralized units (DCU) of Tegnis accurately adjust the demand for heating and air refreshment to the space in which they are positioned. WeLLDesign is intensively involved in the product development from concept to an industrial product system.
The systems are developed and tested in the well-known phases of proof of concept, function model, product prototype and production prototype. Each phase is consequently defined by a higher grade of detailing, up to production level. Only when the system has proven itself, the details for production are developed.

One of the fundamental decisions was the application of an EPP part, where components can be clicked in and the air guidance and air and moisture density are realized.



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