Digital Timesheets


A solution for entering hours per task on a tablet or smartphone. A modern tool to follow each project as well as possible.

You simplify the tasks of your site supervisors by giving them immediate access to the daily, weekly and monthly working hours performed by the team members.

The workers or team leader are responsible for data entry thanks to a modern and hyper user-friendly application.

Data entry is very fast thanks to lists, multiple choice, icons and much more.

You eliminate duplicate entries, information is collected at the source, you support your teams and the work is carried out by the site.

Your HR teams have immediate access to the data entered on site. So they can easily keep control of the payroll process.

You improve the quality of the data available and prevent errors by both your site staff and the HR department.

You increase the reactivity of your financial monitoring of the site because you have immediate access to the hours worked per person and per task.

You increase the accuracy of your estimates by improving the quality of the data analysed.

You make better decisions based on real-time data collected on the site and with the level of detail you need.





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