Excess Materials Exchange: Datingsite for Materials


Excess Materials Exchange (EME) is an innovative technology company. Our digital matching platform provides solutions for one of the major global issues that we now face: namely, the waste problem. By registering existing and new assets or products in our Resources Passport we lay the foundation for high value matchmaking. This means we find new high-value reuse options for materials or (waste) products for companies. In addition, we provide companies with valuable data about for example ‘deconstructability’, financial and ecological value of their assets or products, in an insightful way, so that they can make a substantial contribution to the circular economy. We firmly believe in an essential need for technological transformation. Using Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the smart use of data, EME is accelerating the global transition to a circular economy – and playing a part in creating a more viable planet. For today, and into the future.






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