Fermax Duox System


Connectivity for all!

Discover DUOX, a state of the art, flexible, powerful and intuitive system.
The fully digital technology that simplifies the installations and exceeds expectations.
Progress toward the future via the advanced technology of Fermax’s new two wire full digital system.

The VEO and VEO-XS monitors with DUOX technology from FERMAX now with WiFi CONNECTIVITY integrated into the monitor. Enjoy the benefits of high tech equipment in your everyday life!

– Digital 2 non-polarised wires system
– Up to 10 panels & 10 guard units at the General Entrance
– Up to 10 panels & 10 guard units at each block
– Up to 100 blocks & 100 sub-blocks
– Less intermediate elements for the installation
– Total diversity of the installation
– Wide range of door-entry panels and indoor devices with Fermax outstanding design

With the new DUOX WiFi monitors you can now divert a call from your video door entry system to your smartphone or tablet.



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