myCuby bathroom system


MyCuby modular sanitairy system for endless variations is developed by the vision of Mathijs van Dijk; designed and engineerd by WeLLDesign and produced by Timmerfabriek De Mors Rijssen – a VolkerWessels company.
The system is based on the ‘platform thinking’ and can be placed in a home, hotel, loft, as a complete plug and play 3D module. The system can also be brought into a building through the front door or elevator as complete 2D modules. You can built a complete sanitary bathroom within a few hours. Or a combination of sanitary room and kichen.
WeLLDesign realized the first models with 3D printing and produced and tested the first prototypes. In collaboration with De Mors, the product was made ready for production.
The name ‘myCuby’ is invented by WeLLDesign as well






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