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As New Builders, we are heading for a decent and flexible construction sector. Have you already boarded? With the Quick Scan of the New Builders you set your course stronger, but you also map out which currents and circumstances influence your course. Even when you are already on the road, it is important to always check (sometimes critically) where you are and whether you are still on course.

Where do you want to go with your organization? Which external factors influence? Are you still on course or do you even have to adjust your course?

You can answer these and more questions using the Quick Scan.

With this Quick Scan we provide insight into your scores on the 4 themes (market, product, organization and people).

You do this on the basis of a questionnaire, which you first complete yourself. This is followed by a discussion with one of the Experts (Patty van Broekhoven or Maarten van der Boon), with which you will go further into the depths. These conversations are split into 2 sessions: the questions and the corresponding score & the elaboration of the results.

What does it deliver?
You make yourself visible as a Purpose company. You can then link Sustainables Goals to these outcomes (see conference with Ruud Veltenaar). This is how you get moving and show what you have already set into motion. The do-stand of you and your organization on the mission of The New Builders becomes visible and with that you give yourself and your organization strength for the future.
You can register with Leo Nieuwenhuis, your investment is € 750.

The common goal is to strengthen the mutual connection and thus the commitment to the mission and vision of The New Builders.



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