Tubus System condition measurement with camera inspection


By performing a condition measurement, Tubus System BV records the condition of the sewer system or a few pipelines of your building. At the same time, the course of the sewer system is being investigated.

Corrosion and wear
What condition is the sewer system of your building in? As soon as pipes have reached a higher age, the consequences of corrosion and wear can be expected.

Think about:
– Clogging due to fouling
– Corrosion and rust formation in cast iron pipes
– Erosion with asbestos cement pipes
– Cracks and holes with leaks

How does a condition assesment work?
The professionals of Tubus System BV carry out a sample inspection on a number of (stand) pipes. What are we doing:

– mapping of pipeline system
– detecting deviations and details in the pipes
– recording the condition of the pipes
– analysis of the need
– determine urgency and feasibility of a renovation
– extensive reporting and complete recordings at your disposal

Renovation advice and quote for relining
In addition to an extensive report, we provide you with a renovation advice and an accurate quote for a possible renovation. That way you know exactly where you stand.

Costs for a condition measurement
Do you want to know in what condition the sewer system of your building is? Our advisors are happy to tell you more. You already have a condition measurement from € 685,- excluding VAT.





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