YESLY – the perfect comfort living system


YESLY is a system that allows you to control lights, electric roller blinds, curtains, shutters and much more in a Smart way ensuring the ultimate in a comfortable environment. YESLY requires no invasive renovations and can be installed in a single room or throughout the house, according to your needs. The YESLY system is versatile, economical, convenient, simple to install and use. With YESLY, comfortable living is for everyone!

Your system will comprise several devices – communicating via Bluetooth 4.2 LE – which you will have selected on the
basis of your individual home needs.
With YESLY you have options for controlling your system through your Smartphone, through wired or wireless pushbuttons, or by your own voice. The YESLY multi-function relay allows you to turn on/off one or more lights, while the YESLY dimmer also allows adjustment of the light level. The YESLY actuator for blinds allows shutters and blinds to be controlled intelligently. And finally, GATEWAY allows remote control of the YESLY system via The Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Choosing YESLY means choosing a system 100% MADE IN ITALY that is highly reliable and secure, with particular emphasis on the protection of personal data. YESLY is a versatile system with a high benefit/cost ratio – easy to use, but also easy to install and configure.
Choosing YESLY means adding value to your home and to your comfort.




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