Circular Construction

Circular construction is a necessity within the construction and real estate sector. It’s about smart use of raw materials, products and goods so that they can be reused indefinitely. Discover the latest circular innovations for the construction, real estate and installation sector and attend keynotes from experts in the field of circularity at Building Holland 2020!

Material passport

We’re currently in an untenable situation. We extract raw materials, make products from them and then we throw those products away. This ‘waste’ is often incinerated, after which nothing can be done with it. We can prevent this by giving materials an identity or passport. When demolishing or dismantling buildings, the materials passport provides insight into which materials are used in the construction and processed in the building. Reclaiming these materials is therefore a lot easier.

What is circular construction?

Circular construction is the most effective possible reuse of raw materials and materials throughout the entire building process. It prevents the depletion of raw materials. Circular construction is a concept that comes from the circular economy. A building is circular if, during the construction and maintenance thereof, raw materials and materials are kept in a closed cycle without emitting harmful emissions. Learn more about circular construction here.

Circularity at Building Holland 2020

Discover the latest innovations in circular construction during Building Holland and learn more about the latest trends and developments. Learn more about circularity through our extensive range of leading speakers in the field of circularity. Keep up to date with our speakers and the latest news in the field of circularity.


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