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Digitization and livability is playing an increasingly important role in the construction, installation and real estate sector. Thanks to digital innovations during the construction process and implementations in buildings, everything is becoming ‘smarter’ and more sustainable. At Building Holland you’ll discover the latest smart and healthy innovations and meet experts in the construction, real estate and installation sector!


Creating a healthy living environment for residents of homes plays a vital role throughout the entire building process. ‘Smart’ innovations play an increasingly important role in making buildings and the built environment more livable.


The digital transformation of the building processes and the maintenance of real estate has a high priority. A number of organizations are already working with techniques such as 3D modeling and BIM. But a large part of the construction sector, for example, still uses a lot of paper in the form of large format drawings. Existing houses and buildings can always be made ‘smarter’ by developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart buildings save energy, maintenance and resources.

Smart & Healthy at Building Holland 2020

Discover the newest innovations and developments t Building Holland in the digitizing of construction and making the built environment more livable.


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