Smart badge

Your badge as a virtual carrier bag

You’ll never have to worry about carrying a ton of folders and business cards when visiting Building Holland 2020. Each visitor gets their own badge which functions as a ‘virtual carrier bag’.

Every stand on Building Holland 2020 has their own badge reader. By holding your badge in front of the scanner you’ll automatically receive digital information at the end of the day about the innovation and company. You’ll also automatically sent your digital business card to the stand holder.



How does it work?

  1. Put your badge on the badge reader from the standholder. The badge reader wil beep and you’ll see a green light if the scan is successful. 
  2. After each day of the event you’ll receive all the information you requested with your smartbadge by mail.

The benefits

No more carrying around folders, flyers and business cards during events. Your badge functions as a virtual carrier bag during your visit.

No spam. You'll only receive the information of companies you showed interest in.

Exchange your digital business card with the companies whose stand you've visited.

You know exactly which stands you've visited. After the event day you'll receive an e-mail with an overview of the stands you've visited.

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