Hét innovatie event voor de bouw, installatie en vastgoed

9 t/m 11 april 2019

Innovation Boulevard: Optivent

The OPTIVENT® ULTRA is equipped with a UltraSound technology air flow measuring sensor, damper blade with non-insulated
casing (ULSA) or insulated casing (ULDA). Control equipment is installed on the apparatus casing.
Connection dimensions are 100 - 315 mm.
Casing air leakage is according to EN 1751:2014, class C.

The damper has stable bearings made of nylon and its shaft is mounted in maintenance free nylon headings. Damper is
equipped with EPDM rubber blade and closed blade air leakage is according to EN 1751:2014, class 3.
The casing of the ULDA has double walls and intermediate glass wool insulation with a minimum thickness of 50 mm, resulting in low acoustic radiation. Components in contact with ventilation air conforms to corrosivity classes C3 in accordance with EN-ISO 12944-2. All duct connections have spigot dimensions and are equipped with sealing rings made of rubber.

This damper can be used both for variable and constant flow and, if appropriate, forced shut off, open, Vmin and Vmax, for both supply and extract air.

Zero pressure drop and high accuracy regardless of airflow rate means no wasted energy for unnecessary fan drive and excess airflow.


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