Hét innovatie event voor de bouw, installatie en vastgoed

11 t/m 13 april 2020

IoT Building Intelligence Platform

IoT Building Intelligence Platform

Gooee has developed an IoT Building Intelligence Platform unifying building control, communication, sensing, and data analytics. Platform applications focus on Building Performance Solutions for tenants, facilities managers, and owners. This convergence of infrastructure and data drives software-based solutions for Tenants, Facilities Management and Building Owners who receive economic and operational benefits.

Hoe impactvol is uw innovatie wanneer het daadwerkelijk komt tot opschaling? Aspecten waar de jury dan onder andere naar kijkt: Draagt het wezenlijk bij aan het oplossen van één of meerdere maatschappelijke thema’s? Lost het een probleem op voor gebruikers van de innovatie. Is de uitrolbare businesscase nu of in de toekomst circulair te maken. Draagt de innovatie bij aan goedkopere en betere bouwoplossingen (Initieel en/of TCO)?


Gooee is being installed into buildings across the world right now and it is being employed by large well-known Facility Management companies such as CBRE, JLL and Savills. It is therefore operating in large real estate portfolios and so it is already proving that it can be upscaled successfully. The interoperable IoT platform means that siloed BMS systems can now talk to each other and their data is collated together in a ‘Single Pane’ view.

Social Themes & Problem Solving

Traditional buildings face three central challenges: energy, space and people.

Globally, buildings contribute to a massive amount of energy consumption and this has led to legislation that demands buildings achieve energy quotas. Failure to comply will mean that potential and current developments will become unrentable.

In a commercial environment when looking at space, at any given time, 50 per cent is underutilised. At best this identifies a need to repurpose rented space; at worst this is expensive and unnecessary cost. Finally, people represent 90 per cent of business costs, but a disengaged employee environment can cause businesses to lose billions per year in lost productivity.

Neil Salt, MD & Co-Founder explains, “Through our cloud connected platform you can easily combine LightView™, BeaconView™ and SpaceView™ to provide personalised lighting control based on user position and identify. Hook it up to BuildView™ and now you can dynamically control the HVAC or provide access control solution. The possibilities are endless when you develop solutions on our API to take data out. or input data to, the Gooee DataBrain which is where we securely store and organise all data.”


Hoe makkelijk en op welke manier is uw innovatie op te schalen? Aspecten waar de jury dan onder andere naar kijkt: Is de businesscase realistisch en onderbouwd. Is de argumentatie rondom opschalingsperspectieven geloofwaardig. Is de innovatie onderdeel van of inpasbaar in grotere bouwdelen of klantproposities. Is de innovatie direct toepasbaar of moeten er institutionele kaders doorbroken worden. Is er voor de het opschalen een grote sociale acceptatie nodig en hoe complex is de actorencontext waarbinnen geschaald moet worden.

Working with businesses like Humble Buildings and CWD allows Gooee to be introduced at the beginning of the analysis process. The needs of the customer is at the forefront of the design.

Gooee converges infrastructure, and unifys data sets. The ‘android-style’ platform combines technologies to ensure a more open, accessible and easily customisable solution. Innovation & Upscaling

Gooee’s enterprise-scale, Bluetooth network plays a significant part in this solution.

Lighting’s view into spaces and dense building coverage makes it an ideal host for sensing, communications and beacon technology. Consolidating multiple systems into one MIoT (Mesh Internet of Things) network backbone saves significant costs and future proofs a building infrastructure.

Hoe vernieuwend is uw Innovatie binnen de bouwsector of voor de klant? Aspecten waar de jury dan onder andere naar kijkt: Vernieuwingsgraad binnen de sector, het type innovatie (radicaal of incrementeel) en de mate waarin cross-overs zijn gemaakt met andere sectoren.

The stand out innovation is the Single Pane View that Gooee has created. It’s about peeling back the layers of a building, its systems and data, and bringing it all together, presenting the infrastructure and data in one place, and enabling customers to build value around it – Gooee’s “single-pane view”.

Wat is de klantwaarde uw Innovatie? Aspecten waar de jury dan onder andere naar kijkt: Mate waarin de klant de innovatie zal omarmen als onderdeel van een totale woon- of gebruikspropositie? Vergroot de innovatie het waarde perspectief van of voor de gebouweigenaar. Profiteert de gebruiker van deze innovatie. Wie staat centraal: de technologie of de klant. Zijn de marketingaspecten voldoende benoemd. Spreekt de innovatie in op kenbare klantbehoeften of op latente klantbehoeften.

The customer is central to the innovation. Gooee has been created to answer the questions that owners, tenants and managers are asking: how much does this building cost me and how I can get control of the expenditure?

Value as a service

The convergence of physical infrastructure and technology will help businesses drive new services and revenue opportunities, while building owners can command a higher rentable rate because the building is smarter.

Intrinsic to Gooee’s success is that by collating big data from incumbent BMS it means that there is a cost saving for the customer as there is no need to invest in more systems. Building owners can ‘get a grip’ on the energy consumption and then have the means to control the building performance using communication, sensing and analytics.

It is Gooee’s belief that businesses need to focus on people going forward and that should drive this intelligent revolution. Buildings are now about the connected community, and about how I can make my business more sustainable, streamlined, engaging and, ultimately, successful.


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