Hét innovatie event voor de bouw en vastgoed

17 t/m 19 april 2018


Polynor - unique one component Pu spraying foam for top quality insulation of buildings and houses. Polynor is used for insulation houses inside and outside, easy for DIY. 

Spray polyurethane insulation foam in aerosol cans. Unparalleled combination of characteristics and product quality. Perfect insulation material for almost every building. Application for thermal and acoustic insulation from basement to roof. Polynor provides outstanding thermal performance. Available to everyone, does not require special skills or equipment.
Advantages of Polynor:
Low thermal conductivity, seamless insulation, absence of thermal bridges and therefore heat loss, forms monolith with a surface, excellent adhesion to almost all building materials, moisture resistant, fiber-free, mould resistant, speed and ease of use, does not require insulating films, frame, and special fasteners, variable thickness of insulation layer from 1,5 cm up to 5 cm.


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Stand: 11.057


Laisves pr. 60
LT-05120 Vilnius

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