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11 t/m 13 april 2020


MPL easy safe Integrations
Allows the system architecture needed to convert all different types of notifications into one integrated package. Awards If you need access control, building management integration, fire alarms, camera surveillance, visit registration, IoT etc.

MPL Easy Safe Integrations ensures that all these forms of service are accommodated in one comprehensive building management system

Such a system is called "PSIM +" (Physical Security Information Management). MPL Easy Safe Integrations, offers PSIM + as a solution far beyond the usual range of a traditional alarm center. MPL offers independence (from subsystem suppliers) and flexibility. MPL Easy Safe Integrations is capable of providing complete software platform connectivity that enables the user to integrate and manage different systems through an extensive user interface.

MPL Easy Safe Integrations analysts, programmers and consultants are specialized in this. They focus on the system so that workflows, processes and subsystems (camera management, intercom, access management, ICT components, etc.) are brought together in the real time report.

The resulting data streams (Big Data) are transformed into information flows that allow the customer to organize his organization more efficiently and to preventively correct where necessary.

Once installed by MPL Easy Safe Integrations, the system will then be transferred to MPL Alarm Management and Communication Center for operational services.

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Stand: 10.19


Parmentierstraat 2
3772 MS Barneveld

T: (088) 202 07 30

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