Hét innovatie event voor de bouw, installatie en vastgoed

9 t/m 11 april 2019

István Kenyers

István Kenyers


The Biopolus Insitute

A chemical engineer and biotechnologist by profession, István started his carrier as a Researcher at the Budapest Technical University, focusing on bioreactor and engineered ecosystem designs and biorefinery processes. After 15 years he left academia and founded and led several succesful companies, including Organica Water, Inc., now a global player in the water industry, based on his previous inventions.

In 2012 István founded BIOPOLUS to move to a next paradigm with his technology: to close the water, food, waste and energy loops in cities. His Biomakeries are urban metabolic hubs which combine urban water reuse with distributed biological manufacturing, in densely populated environment.

Istvan is a globally recognized thought leader in ecological engineering and urban circularity. He holds the Silver Merit Cross of the President of the Republic of Hungary for his achievements in establishing the modern clean-tech industry in Hungary.

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