Hét innovatie event voor de bouw, installatie en vastgoed

11 t/m 13 april 2020

Martin Koppenhol

Martin Koppenhol


Multivar Beheer BV

Martin Koppenhol is a connector for more than 38 years in the building industry and with his knowledge as building engineer, lean processing manager and sustainability specialist he is a much requested speaker, presenter and workshop leader. So is he involved in expert panels and contributes his knowledge to innovative educational curriculums. He also gives guest lectures for higher education in industrialization and he works to linking education and practice. His credo:

No more what if! Just do it!

Stop talking and show the result of efficient collaboration with leading partners from the building industry, the Government and education. Offer customization on customer's demand and help them by reducing energy and CO2. Create autarkic living areas that are healthy, comfortable and flexible to be able to live longer in the familiar environment.

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