Hét innovatie event voor de bouw, installatie en vastgoed

11 t/m 13 april 2020

Thijs van der Burgt

Thijs van der Burgt


The Office App

As the CEO of a company that has ‘Happy Office Life’ as a tagline, it’s no coincidence that it was my mission to found a company that puts a smile on people’s faces.
With Office App I wanted to create a data driven platform that improves workspaces by connecting people, providing ease of use and a high service level. To make life at the office easier, better and happier.
After working in tech for over 11 years, I found that putting people first is the ultimate goal when creating a product, and creating a company. We now have an amazing Office App team that is motivated, inspired and eager to learn with a very clear mission in mind; creating a Happy Office Life for themselves and all their clients.

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