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10% of the total yearly building revenue (NL) goes to failure costs, which is equal to six billion euros.

Most of these costs merely come from rework in design/calculations or miscommunication during the design phase. In the past decades, the roles of architects, engineers and project developers have specialised more to compensate for the increasing complexity within projects. Unfortunately, this also resulted in an increasing gap between all roles.

In our opinion, the computer can be used as source to fill this gap. Not by better communication but by integration within the product.

We operate both as engineering consultants as software developer.

We carefully listen to clients to assess whether certain tools would accelerate them, enable them to serve their own clients better, or that would simply would make their lives easier.

Our way of working entails a creative method of bringing ideas to algorithms and a structured method of bringing market value into our services.

We create algorithms that comprise of a diverse set of engineering disciplines. When coupled to 3D-geometry, our algorithms calculate multidisciplinary, highly flexible (parametric), and visually.

We use our expertise and skills to increase quality in the built environment, solve highly complex problems in designs, and bring in a wonderful experience during design processes.

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