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Slimline Buildings produces and supplies smart prefab structural floor systems that allow creating adaptable, sustainable and comfortable buildings in a dry and convenient construction process.

With the Slimline, KanaalBreedPlaat and Villafloor brands, Slimline Buildings offers floor solutions for high-rise and non-residential buildings construction, serial residential and apartment building construction and individual residential construction respectively.

Although the different products offer specific advantages for the different applications, they share the basic floor structure, which consists of a combination of a concrete ceiling plate, a spacious, free and permanently accessible installation space inside the floor and a floating top floor.

Because the hollow installation space in the floor is not filled with concrete during construction, access to pipes and cabling remains possible. During the use phase, this allows the building installations to be maintained, relocated, expanded or modernized, but it’s also possible to change the entire layout or even the function of the building without constructive consequences. With Slimline Buildings, you create adaptable buildings with an optimal technical and therefore economic lifespan or yield.

This adaptability means that buildings can be used for a longer period of time. Subsequently, floor elements are removable and reusable for a new building. If no destination is found for the floor elements, they are largely recyclable. Slimline Buildings floor systems use a minimal amount of (recycled) raw materials. Thanks to the dry construction method, the amount of concrete used is further reduced.

By integrating climate pipes in the prefab floor elements, the floor system also contributes to energy savings during the use phase. In addition, the inclusion of ceiling cooling and underfloor heating results in an extremely comfortable indoor climate that fully complies with the general comfort principle ‘warm feet, cool head’.

Slimline Buildings is part of the Copiam Group.

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