New digital trends for managing on-site productivity in construction


By using electronic reporting (e.g. smartphones, tablets), telematics, and automated analysis and reporting, valuable site data can be collected and managed much more efficiently. Digitising this data management process has several advantages, such as:

1. The on-site data can be collected quickly and more frequently – for example, daily rather than monthly.

2. There will be fewer inaccuracies caused by human error that often arise when data is passed from person to person. Also, traditional paper-based reports can be damaged (e.g. in bad weather) or lost on-site, and Excel spreadsheets are sometimes easy to corrupt.

3. An additional level of cost detail can be incorporated, such as setting a budget of one man per workstation.

This almost real-time information allows a much more proactive decision-making process in cost management and the beneficial impacts of this will be seen by numerous teams, from on-site management to the HR and Finance departments – for example:

1. Digital timesheets for site managers using a smart app allow immediate access to daily, weekly or monthly hours worked.

2. Daily time monitoring data for the Finance team improves the responsiveness of financial control: e.g. there is immediate access to the hours worked per person and per job – the accuracy of estimates is improved due to the quality of the analysed data.

3. An automated payroll system can be set up, where information is collected at source and is available straightaway for Finance and HR teams.





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