The Baseline
Through the technical wholesalers in Belgium we received a quote for heating in the bathrooms of the Corsendonk Turnova Hotel. The final customer had still a degree of uncertainty with regard to infrared heating.

The ETHERMA solution
ETHERMA made a demo infrared radiant heater available so that the end-customer can experience the warmth of infrared heating. This gives the customer 100% confidence of the effectiveness of infrared heating. There are ETHERMA TC infra-red radiant panels used in 97 bathrooms. Each bathroom has been provided with 600 watts power.
The radiant panels have a IP55 rating and is very suitable to be applied in wet areas.
The ETHERMA TC is an inconspicuous infrared heating panel which is mounted tightly against the ceiling. The radiant panels are ideal for main heating. The eTouch Basic thermostat was chosen to adjust the infrared heating panels. To ensure the bathroom design the thermostats are specially delivered in black. The ETouch basic is characterized by the power saving function and its aesthetic design. The fuzzy logic control technology not only guarantees a constant temperature, but also helps to save energy.

Turnova Corsendonk Hotel Turnhout
The Turnova Corsendonk Hotel Turnhout describes itself as “luxury in the heart of Turnhout.” It is the newest four-star hotel in Turnhout. Located in a vibrant new district near the Market square in the heart of Turnhout. The Turnova hotel offers 97 rooms including three suites and four rooms for wheelchair users. All 97 rooms are included with a private bathroom which is equipped with an infrared radiant panel. Beside that the Turnova hotel is fitted with a spa.





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